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Managing Energies of Autumn

As a yoga practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teacher and Coach, I love that I can combine all of the modalities to create a HOLISTIC practice to test, balance and help my clients heal their body and mind and create the life that they want.

Yoga provides us a safe place to feel the energy imbalances in the body so we can identify with them.

In Chinese Medicine, there are 5 Elements related to each to a season.

We currently have drifted from summer where we have had heat, fun, excitement and spending more time outside rather than inside.

We normally get the opportunity to feel a transition through late summer but it seems to have skipped out this year leaving us feeling a little out of sorts, perhaps confused.

Feel the change? Notice a shift? Autumn has arrived. The weather is now cool and crisp. The wind begins to stir and the sun is beginning to set earlier. The leaves are turning vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow. This is the season for harvesting the bounty that grew during the summer so we can store up for the cold winter ahead. It’s nature’s time to let go of what is no longer necessary, clearing the way for the growing cycle to come.

The three months of Fall are called the period of tranquility of one’s conduct. Soul and Spirit should be gathered together in order to make the breath of Fall tranquil. Autumn is the season of Metal where all things in creation approach their harvest, perfection and completion. It is a time to organize, work hard, and finish projects that you began in Spring and Summer.

There is often an acute awareness of time passing and growing old in Autumn. For some people Autumn is a time of transition and sadness, sometimes of desperation and an effort to grab hold of the past and stop the passage of time.

Like the trees we too need to recognize what it is we are hanging onto. The trees let go of their leaves when they are no longer nourishing. We need to let go of the things in our lives that maybe once nourished us but now we need that space to create or bring in something new. As we approach the season of winter, a time of conception, birth, and new beginnings, where can you let go and make space? Feel the contraction in your heart, your lungs. Do you feel like contracting, resisting, holding your breath? Try and slow down, allow, soften, accept, expand and breathe into this energy. Have faith that something beautiful and new is waiting on the other side, in the next chapter, in the next season, your next breath.

Here is a short yoga

sequence to help you expand and let go,

Much Love,


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