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My Touch for Health experience with Lisa was nothing short of amazing.   I was not sure what to expect the first time I experienced Touch For Health  It turned out to be a visit of grounding and restoring; calming  and centering.


It is hard to explain the exact feelings. I remember Lisa doing a touch technique on my feet and my entire body felt grounded. I have never felt that before. 


Lisa gave me some techniques to help with the alignment of my hips, which I consciously do a few times a week. The visit was the last time I have had issues that bad with my hip/back.


This approach is true holistic healing, and no one better to lead you through your session than Lisa; such a beautiful soul.


Andrea Earl


Lisa approached me this past summer, to try a few sessions with her Touch For Health as a way to improve my health after undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.


At this point I was welcoming anything to help me recover and feel better. What I didn't expect was the dramatic shift in my overall well being. She thoroughly assessed my physical imbalances and then explained to me the importance of feeling grounded. She then used massage and pressure point techniques to release blockages that I had. Physically I felt immediate change which surprised me. Gone was the tired sluggish feeling not to mention I felt a clarity I hadn't had in awhile. 


My next session two weeks later she had me focus on what was bothering me physically and emotionally at that time. Again she assessed my physical self for these imbalances and before the massage she had me focus on a positive intention. She had me say it out loud and to myself Lisa then went on to use specific techniques that focused on releasing the blockages that where not allowing me to reach my intention. Physically I felt these changes move thru my body I had an overwhelming sensation of calmness and relaxation. Leaving feeling lighter less brain fog and more grounded than ever. The best part was my intention and goal I had set out came shining thru the following week. I was so excited I couldn't wait to share my story with her.


I highly recommend exploring Lisa's energy balancing you will feel better physically and emotionally.


Vera S.


Some of you won't want to hear this.. some may be super interested!

I went to see Lisa's Energy Medicine yesterday, as I've been doing some "work" lately that seems to been affecting my body..

I am on a hormone that controls my period (yep I'm going there) & when I stopped on my scheduled time... nothing happened.. it's been 2 weeks since I stopped (period which is controlled... and 11 days later NOT HERE) (& no I can't get pregnant that wasn't my concern)

ITS CONTROLLED! What is happening!!

Seeing Lisa yesterday, I woke up with my period today!

Energy balancing really does work... for correcting so many things! And I just wanted to share my proof of this!

Thank you lisa for unblocking whatever was blocked (my spleen suffers cuz my adrenal glands take over all the time) AND helping me put my body back into flow!

I felt different after the treatment tho I couldn't explain to her why or in what ways.. except "ahhhh"

Meridee H.


Lisa is a warm, gentle, professional who is in this business for all the right reasons. She truly wants to make others feel better inside and out. Her care and concern for you is evident from the moment you start your session and she remains attentive and thoughtful throughout. Regardless of the state of your physical or emotional health, a visit with Lisa will leave you feeling balanced and optimistic. Thanks Lisa!!

Lorraine L.


I have had 4 treatments done with Kinetic Balance and loved every one of them. I love that Lisa is so welcoming and makes me feel safe and comfortable with sharing personal information. She did not push me to share anything I didn't want to but inspired a feeling of trust and openness. I find that just being in her presence is healing because she is so gentle and nurturing. Also very intuitive! She will often say things that I was thinking to myself a moment earlier or share pieces of information at just the right time. She also tells you what she is doing as you go through the treatment so that there is always a rhyme to her reason. I love this because it allows me to really understand and feel what she is doing. As a result I always feel peaceful and relaxed after leaving her house. My favorite part of this treatment is that she helps you to set an intention or a goal that you want to work towards, so you also get a little bit of mindfulness infused in there as well. The main things that these treatments have really helped with for me are digestion, muscle soreness, relaxation and clarity of mind.







I was introduced to Lisa’s energy medicine in a specialty yoga class that she was instructing, and I felt so amazing after the class, that I knew I had to learn more! I have had 3 sessions with Lisa, and my body and mind both feel much more grounded, and clear. Its hard to explain how energy feels when it’s blocked, but as soon as it is unblocked and free flowing, you seriously feel amazing, even if you can’t understand why or how it happened! Lisa is such a warm and inviting person, and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend anyone to have an energy balancing session with Lisa.

Nicole D.


There are so many things I could say about Lisa herself, let alone the work she does. This is someone who is passionate about what they do, and excited to help you. I went to her in a vulnerable place and left feeling grounded and sure of what I needed to do. She’s even helped me with tools to help a long day of flying, how to do balances on myself during my travels, how to feel grounded and talk to myself in stressful times. Her studio is like a cozy little spa, she always is making sure you’re comfortable. During her balances she makes you feel so safe, comfortable and open. The work she does is truly amazing, the energy tests she does are scary bang on. I would recommend her 100% whether you’re doing this for overall health, stress, clearing your mind, body trauma or getting to know yourself better. 
I’ve never felt lighter and happier before, and I have Lisa to thank for giving me the tools to live a better life. Thank you Lisa

Sarah L


What started out as what I thought would be a simple reactive muscle balance took on a whole new meaning in my session with Lisa. She brought out that all the muscles that were unlocking were around things like needing to let go, following my passions and moving forward. This was so on point, as I am wanting to let go of my current job as it does not serve me and I want to purse my passion of helping others. This was causing me a lot of emotional stress so I am so happy that Lisa helped me to connect the dots. This session really hit home for me and I can feel that a shift has taken place and as continue to see how my body is processing this it’s so exciting! Thank you Lisa for all your knowledge, wisdom and insight!! You have helped to create a big change in me and I am forever grateful:)



Lisa is amazing on what she does. I had no idea what to expect when Lisa asked me if I wanted my energy and vitality restored. At this time in my life I was so stressed dealing with things I had no control of. My body was stressed, and my mind was stressed. So I thought what do I have to lose, but a little bit of time. She worked on all parts of my body using my strength only. She could tell what parts were weak and which ones were strong. But the most amazing thing was when she said to me that she was going to ask me questions that only I could answer and I did t have to say my answer to anyone but myself. Soon I was so comfortable with her I just started answering her. After my session with Lisa, I was blown away . Not only did I feel so much better physically but mentally! I am still in awe in how that happened and why don’t more people know about this??? Do you know how many people’s mental and physical state would be changed if they gave this a try? Lisa, you are my lifesaver and the most amazing person that I have ever met and you never cease to amaze me. I love you to the moon and back and thank you for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me.






I had a Raynor Deep Tissue Massage with Lisa this week to get help with a pinch in my upper back and chronic long term pain in my achilles and I often get migraines. Two days after, everything felt really great. 

I went cross country skiing yesterday and for the first time ever and I felt so smooth and mobile.. I also went for a swim on Friday and have never felt better in the pool. My left heel and achilles has never felt this good in a long time and feels good even after 4 hours of skiing yesterday. 

Taylor Johnson




Lisa was my first energy balance treatment that I had ever tried. She explained things as we went along and being a bodybuilder I definitely have muscle imbalances. She worked on very tight muscles and helped release them. Lisa has also treated me for vertigo and after just one treatment I felt like a brand new person. And my symptoms went away. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about helping people. 

Maria Maywood




If you have never experienced Kinetic Balance it is amazing. I unknowingly broke my foot at some point in the past couple years, which I just found out on Monday and have been suffering the past year due to bone calcification and spurs on my foot. I thought it was my plantar fasciatis but it wasn't. I had a Kinetic balance done in September and it was fantastic and I just had one done yesterday and Lisa Watson worked on my foot and my foot does not hurt as much as it did. So if you are feeling tense and your muscles hurt I encourage you to try it out. You will be hooked I guarantee.

Michele P





You. Are. Amazing!! 
The day after my massage, I felt such a huge difference in my back pain, it was virtually gone! A bit of soreness left, but nothing a little stretching couldn't take care of. And now I'm back to fully functioning (and Momming) without pain!! 
This is such a huge deal because I had tried a Thai massage, RMT and chiro twice and none of those treatments offered any relief. 

Not only that, but I've felt more tolerant and patient with my loved ones- be it that Raynor magic, or the fact that I'm not in pain anymore- it is amazing. I can't thank you enough! 
I will definitely be seeing you again.
Honestly, endless gratitude. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Chelsea B.

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