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Heard of mindfulness? Wonder how it could help your team thrive?


Mindfulness in the workplace:

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves communication

  • Decreases conflict

  • Boosts team morale

  • Accelerates creative thinking


Mindfulness creates people who:

  • Are less stressed and happier overall

  • Experience greater mental peace and clarity

  • Are calmer, more self-aware, and less reactive

  • Have an enhanced ability to focus, remember, and perform optimally

  • Communicate and handle conflict effectively

  • Perform well under pressure and excel when challenged

  • Are able to regulate their moods and emotions


Email me:

I come to you and provide your employees with mindfulness training that boosts company morale and gives staff time for self-care so they return to work calmer and more efficient.

Here are the ways I can empower your employees to thrive:

  • Mindfulness Seminars – think of this as a crash course on mindfulness or Mindfulness 101.

      A single, 60-90 minute training on mindfulness: what it is, how to practice it           (in the workplace, in your personal life, and in your relationships), and the               benefits. This includes a guided meditation and time for Q&A, including                   practice tips.

  • Desk Yoga & Self Massage- a single, 60 minute session or a package series to teach employees self care through yoga right at their own desk.

  • Mindful Movement Group Yoga- a yoga class that is practiced in ongoing group format, typically 60 minutes and meeting every week, typically for a six-week series. Mindful yoga is slowly paced and relaxation and stress reduction are the goals. Breathwork and mindfulness meditation are included. This can take place at my yoga studio or at your location.


Contact me today to schedule a training at your company!

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