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A message and an intention from Lisa 🙏

This is my online home studio where you can join me and my tribe and escape into bliss. My virtual studio will be a different tropical experience every time we practice depending on our theme and the energy of our practice. 


This online Energy Medicine Yoga practice will include a variety of teachings from Energy Medicine coaching to tutorials, yoga & meditation and courses. As my community grows so will my offerings and together we can make positive energy go viral and make this world a better place.


Our bodies are amazing machines that can heal itself if can just get out of our own way. Our mind will support our matter or our body. When it perceives danger it will retract away from what is painful or uncomfortable. It will automatically pull back and curl around the front of the body to protect your vital organs lie the lung, and heart. Whether its physical danger, verbal or emotional. 


We lose flexibility in our chest and our ability to reach out, connect, take in or to let go. We become attached to fear and things we don’t need that make us toxic.

This trapped energy will be felt as tension, anxiety and overwhelm in upper body. When anxiety and stress keeps us contracted for too long we may experience headaches, stiff upper back and neck.or tightness in the chest.


Energy Medicine Yoga allows us to break through barriers and find balance through slowing down and evening out the breathe, opening up the chest both front and back. We move trapped energy through the breath and the sweat, tame the mind by letting go of negative thoughts and creating new positive ones, calming the entire system down through meditation, visualization to creating new feelings and emotions to associate with life as it is right now. 

🌸Love & Light



A message and an intention for this practice 🙏


This series begins with forward bends, then twists and hip openers with a vinyasa between each asana. On a mental level, through regular practice focus, will-power, mind-body awareness and confidence are improved as we overcome the mental obstacles to our practice.

Ashtanga is also a great way to incorporate the meditative side of yoga. By having a set progression throughout the practice, you are able to focus more on the breath. That focus will let you feel out your body and where you are that day. The Ashtanga Yoga tradition is great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Grab your water and your mat.

Let's Begin.

🌸 Namaste xo


In this inspiring 60 minute class you will move and flow through the hips inviting freedom and space. We will flirt and play with variations of Pigeon Pose in a fun creative sequence. This class is designed to burn calories, release toxins, move stagnant energy and ignite power and strength in the body and mind. Grab your mat and your water.
🌸Let's Begin


A behind the scenes peak of the unique experience of my creative sequencing and my virtual tropical sanctuary. In my teaching I create an experience, a feeling, my classes are designed to move you and challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually leaving you feeling more open, free, flexible, motivated and inspired. This is for every level and every body. I will listen and give you a little of what you want and a little of what you need. This is a sample of Movement Therapy. Constant movement, heat rising, heart pumping, stagnant energy leaving, and breath moving. Get ready to go with the flow and reset the rhythm of your soul. The universe is in constant movement and we must move with it. So together let’s find Harmony with this fun creative flow.

See you there 🌸



A beautiful one day healing experience

This full one day retreat will be exactly what you need to work through this unusual time that we are in. There is a reason you are here. This time is a gift and is your intimate time to explore and heal. In this retreat you explore what this time means for you. You will gain perspective and purpose. By the end of this day your journey and your path will be much clearer and emotions will be manageable. You will develop skills and be introduced to tools to manage fear and anxiety. What is it that you were put on this earth to be, to have, to do? It's time to come inside, take a journey within and uncover the real you. This program will be included in the members only site n the Loyalty Tier. 

🌸Much love xo


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