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Thank You For Being There For Me XO

Dear Yogi, I was so proud of you for trying your first yoga class. I was there when you went way out of your comfort zone, and when you apologized to the teacher for being new. I was there when you looked around the room to see if you were doing the same thing as everyone else, and as you adjusted your baggy running clothes. I saw your self-consciousness and your weakened ego. I saw you before you saw yourself. I watched as you came back for more, determined and a little angry with your body. I listened to the pleas for your legs to stop shaking, for your brow to stop sweating, for your heart to stop pounding. I listened when you stopped breathing. I was there when you remembered to breathe. I was there for your New Year’s Resolutions. Then I saw you four months later for your recommitment to your resolutions, in a more practical container. I was there when you got curious about your Self. I saw you allow self-acceptance. I saw you learn to take time before reacting. I saw you build your community. I saw you being seen. I saw your ego inflate. You found that first moment with just your hands touching me, your feet raised to the sky. I saw your ego deflate just as quickly when you let that ego get the best of you. I was there for the tough times. I felt your loss. I felt the transition. I took in your tears as they mixed with your sweat. I was so happy that you asked me for help, that you accepted my guidance. I will always be here for you, no matter what you need. You give me a lot of credit, but I’m merely a tool to help you get where you need to go. Keep listening. Keep reaching. Keep coming back. I’ll be here. With love,

Your Sticky Yoga Mat.

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