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Balancing your Yin (Female) and Male (Yang) energies

You might know that your body has built-in energy channels and centers that distribute life giving energy to your organs. They are called meridians and chakras.

A balanced energy system is important for healing. When your energy system is out of balance, illness occurs. When the energy in your body is balanced and strong, you will enjoy vibrant health

The energy in your body is nothing mystical or even esoteric as everything in the Universe has energy to it and our bodies are no different. This energy is at the core of our bodies and governs everything from our physical health to our thoughts, emotions and even spiritual experiences.

The energy stems from the tiniest subatomic particles that we are made of and which are in constant flux and motion. These movements translate into the energy that runs in your body. Even Einstein said that our bodies are actually slowed down version of energy. That is the reason why we can touch them. A thought, for example, has a higher vibration and therefore we cannot see it. The energy in your body is an important, but an often overlooked factor in your quest to heal yourself.

Female and Male Energies within Your Body

There are many reasons why your life force or energy can become weak and imbalanced and one of the main reasons is an imbalance between the female and male energies within the body. Regardless if you are a man or woman, you have both polarizing energies within you, but to various degrees.

The famous Yin-Yang symbol beautifully demonstrates this: The Yin (white) stands for the female energy and the Yang (black) is the corresponding male energy. When you look at this symbol you can see that the Yin has the seed of the Yang within and vice versa.

Healthy and energetically balanced women naturally contain more Yin energy than men, and men naturally have more Yang energy within them. Between individuals, there are all different variations of Yin and Yang energies possible.

However, in our Western society, there is a huge imbalance between the female and male energies, both within the body, but also on a more global scale.

Since our society “rewards” more of the attributes that are concerned with the male energy, like achieving, setting goals, powering through and dominion, most women have been taught to bring out their male qualities, but have forgotten or even suppressed their female qualities. This is easy to understand when you think about the life of a typical American woman. Most likely, she will have to juggle between jobs, children, a partner, taking care of the household, and the list goes on and on.

Most of these activities are concerned with “doing”, which is a male quality. There is often little time left in the day to bring out the Yin or female energy, which is concerned with allowing, opening, intuition, nourishing, and receiving (Being versus Doing).

This imbalance between male and female energies within the bodies is not only prevalent in women, but in men as well, who are also often running on “too much” male energy, and forget to nourish and bring out their more “female qualities”.

Regardless if you are a woman or a man, what do you think: do you run more on female or male energy? If you take an honest look at your life, most likely, you will proportionally have more male energy within you than female energy. This imbalance can lead, over time to an imbalance within your body, manifesting itself into an emotional, physical, or any type of stress related dis-ease.

Energize and Balance Your Life Force

If you want to bring more energetic balance into your life and your body, you can start by paying attention to your daily habits and life circumstances. When you do so, you will realize that most likely you tend to not make space and time to allow yourself to just be, to drop into your deeply feminine essence and nourish yourself (This was a big “aha” moment for me when I realized just how imbalanced I was and how difficult it was at first to allow myself just to be without doing anything).

This nourishment does not need to come primarily from food. You can nourish yourself in many different ways. Maybe taking a hot bath or receiving a massage nourishes you. Maybe taking a walk in nature, meditating or simply visiting your friends can nurture you. Whatever it is, when you make room for expressing your female nature and you do this without feeling guilty, you will not only become happier, but healthier as well. When you start dropping into your female essence, at first it might be hard and you might even feel guilty.

Don´t worry, this is normal! You have been taught that you need to “do” something to feel worthy and to “deserve” love and rest, but this is not true. These beliefs stem from a type of societal brainwashing which needs to be undone. You deeply deserve to nourish yourself and to be nourished. Over time, it will become easier for you to fully allow yourself to receive in whatever form you and your body desires.

When I was a child, I always would get up in the morning and think about that one thing that I was looking forward to that day. Sometimes it was just watching my favorite show, or looking forward to a delicious ice cream. Sometimes it was meeting up with my best friend or walking my dog. Looking back, I know that what I did as a child was to allow myself to be nourished in multiple ways, not just on special days or on weekends, but on every day.

I know you can find ways to do the same. Being nourished every single day will not only bring more balanced energy into your life and body, but increase your happiness and health.

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