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Free Gentle Yoga + Meditation For Stress & Anxiety

Gentle Yoga For Stress & Anxiety and Grief

The intention for this practice

Our bodies are amazing machines that will support you. When it perceives danger it will retract away from what is painful or uncomfortable. It will automatically pull back and curl around the front of the body to protect your vital organs lie the lung, and heart. Whether its physical danger, verbal or emotional.

We lose flexibility in our chest and our ability to reach out, connect, take in or to let go. We become attached to fear and things we don’t need that make us toxic.

This trapped energy will be felt as tension, anxiety and overwhelm in upper

body. When anxiety and stress keeps us contracted for too long we may experience headaches, stiff upper back and neck.or tightness in the chest.

We are relational beings. We thrive with connect and human touch, healthy relationships feed us and nourish us.

Stress and disconnection can through us off balance, out of harmony with the world.

During this difficult time we have been forced to disconnect more than ever. We are vessels, much like vehicles. In order for our bodes to work we much fill up and nourish and let of negative energy and toxicity.

Think about this for a sec.

If we let our car run out of gas it would stop working and if we fill it up too much it would spill over with toxic gas.

We are much like that. We can fill up 100%. So like 40 to our family, 30 to our work, 20 to our hobbies, 5 to the argument we are having with close friend, 2 to the guy that cut us off in traffic, 2 to the nasty email we got, 1 to the coffee you spilled on your self while driving, This equals 100% and anything more will put you in overwhelm.

Did you know there are several stages of overwhelm? The very final stage is fainting. The body will protect you by shutting down when its had too much.

We need to create balance between letting go and taking in/recharging.

We can nourishing and recharge through deep inhales into the belly, meditation, sleep, eating well, drinking water, bathing, massage, BUT MOSTLY turn off all electronics. If you are resting you cant be watching the news, social media, reading emails or gaming as these activities take our energy. When you recharge your phone you dont' put it in front of a TV to do so. No, you have to shut down all the applications so it can update efficiently. Same with us.

We can practice letting go through long exhales, communicating with others, journaling, walk or run, yoga/sweat, cry, scream, laughing, singing.

Holding on to negative energy will be associated with the emotion that its connected to at the moment. Later on, every time you feel your body try to protect you by contracting it will bring back the feelings and emotion and you will relive the trauma. This is PTSD.

We can avoid this by maintaining homeostasis in all level of the body, physical, emotional and mental during trauma and stress to avoid reliving it again later

Yoga allows us to find balance through slowing down and evening out the breathe, opening up the chest both front and back. We move trapped energy through the breath and the sweat, tame the mind by letting go of negative thoughts and creating new positive ones, calming the entire system down through meditation, visualization to creating new feelings and emotions to associate with life as it is right now.

Love Lisa xo

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