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How do you expand your comfort zone?

We all know what it’s like to be uncomfortable with something. You might be uncomfortable talking about your feelings, speaking to a crowd, or confronting someone you disagree with. Usually, when we say, “Oh, I’m not comfortable with that,” we take it as a boundary setting, a way of saying No. Because we don’t feel comfortable, we’re just not going to do something. But then we live a restricted life.

Other people constantly push themselves over their comfort zone. They jump over their boundaries, push the edges, drive up their adrenalin, and increase their tension. And if there’s past trauma involved, that can actually re-trigger feelings of helplessness and danger.

My approach is to expand the comfort zone. That way you get to live life from a wider, more open perspective, but you still get to stay comfortable.

Think of it like yoga. A beginner in a yoga class can’t get their head immediately down to their knee. That pull on the back of the hamstring is uncomfortable. If a teacher pushed them to do so, it would probably cause pain and damage.

But over time, through repeated stretching and practice, we can get our heads further toward our knee, and still remain comfortable. We now have a bigger range in which to live.

How do you expand your comfort zone on an energetic level?

Your life force wants to flow freely through your body. Whenever your charge gets going, it flows through the places that are open, and then pushes up against the blocks. We created those blocks, once upon a time, in order to be safe. So even though we want to bust those blocks, moving past them is very uncomfortable!

If we can bring our attention to the charge itself, we can begin to dissolve the blocks, harvest the charge, and expand our comfort zone. We do this by initially exaggerating the block – meaning we exaggerate the muscular holding – then slowly relax that exaggeration, following the body as it “undoes” a learned response.

The result is often a new found sense of expansion, freedom, warmth, tingling, or general well-being. It takes practice, but ultimately allows you to live a bigger life.

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