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Welcome to "Kinetic Balance" by Lisa

Hello my lovely friends and welcome to my blog. I have so much in the works that I cannot wait to share with you so I thought a blog would be a great place to start. I started my yoga journey a few years ago thinking it would a good way to stretch and relax. I had no idea that yoga would actually CHANGE my life! It pointed me in the direction to follow my dreams, strengthen me business and choose my relationships. For so many years I have walked around in a funk not knowing what my purpose was, who am I, what do I love, where do I see my self in 10 years from now.

Yoga has led me on a journey, a path to finally answer all of these questions. As I grow and learn I will share t with you and I hope that you will grow and learn right along with me. My purpose is to learn and understand the body. Not just the physical body but also the layers beneath and from there to share that with you. That is what makes me happy.

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