Why Raynor Massage?

Raynor deep tissue massage is different from other massage techniques. Not only does it focus on the muscular system, as you would expect, but it also benefits the skeletal system and subtle energy systems of the body. It was developed by Brandon Raynor, a Canadian now living in Australia and he has incorporated different techniques from a variety of Eastern and Western modalities to really deliver a fantastic experience to his clients.  

The massage itself is not performed as a routine as every one of us is different in our needs, but as a practitioner we look to find and remove tension wherever it presents itself in the body.


What can you expect?

Because we are working at a deep level in the body tissues, the massage can feel slightly uncomfortable at times, but as your practitioner I work with you to understand your level of comfort during the session – after all this is your time!

At times an emotional release can also occur as tension can be caused by repressed emotion. This is not unusual and will pass. Stored toxins can also be released leaving you feeling drained or shaky. As the body works to eliminate them from your system, you will start to feel great!

Despite sounding like things we would like to avoid, all of these outcomes are really positive effects of the massage and will mean you are likely to feel a real sense of deep relaxation (“re” meaning to bring back and “lax” meaning to loosen).


What are the benefits?

A Raynor deep tissue massage aims to remove the deepest layers of tension and stress which can be caused by deep physical or emotional imbalances from the past. It works with the muscles, bones and blood supply and uses acupressure points to unblock the flow of chi in the body to help alleviate pain and return the body to a state of centredness.

What conditions can it help with?

Raynor deep tissue massage can help with a range of problems including:

  • muscle aches and pains

  • lower back pain

  • stress and tension

  • migraines

  • injuries and strains



When you book a session with Kinetic Balance, the practitioner will do a health/lifestyle assessment and help you to determine which treatment plan will be best to meet your needs and goals. Every BODY is unique therefore each treatment plan is specific to each person.


Where appropriate, Touch For Health practitioners can complement orthodox medicine, with the approval of the individual's G.P. or consultant. Depending on the nature of your medical condition and treatment, you may be asked to obtain written permission from your doctor prior to treatment commencing.



You can expect me to approach my work with you in a professional manner, to honour scheduled appointment times, and to treat any information I learn about you as confidential.


Our treatments are not covered by medical services plan (MSP) or Extended Medical Services Plans.



In general, most people will experience a feeling of balance, well being, relaxation and increased energy levels. Typically it takes 24-48 hours for the energy to integrate through your system. Our techniques bring disturbed energies back to a state of balance and harmony. It is possible that physical or emotional after effects may occur once your energies have been stimulated and adjusted. to drink plenty of water after each session. Occasionally some people will experience some of the temporary symptoms listed below:

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness or nausea

  • More frequent bowel movement

  • Increased urination

  • Cold or Flu like symptoms

  • Tenderness and soreness in worked areas

  • Emotional responses

  • Tiredness or lethargy

  • Change in body temperature

  • Change in sleep patterns

  • Thirst or dry mouth


These are all very common responses to treatment and they should not persist. Should you have any concerns about your treatment please let me know so that I can respond to your concerns directly. I will take all feedback seriously and respond to it with care and respect.

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"Energy is everything,

           ...and energy is all there is"

                               Albert Einstein







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