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Touch For Health - Specialized Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of movement, and most of the kinesiologists out there have gone to university to study muscles, how they work and how to train them in order to treat and avoid injury. Specialized (also called energetic) Kinesiology is a little different. Here, a muscle test is used as an indicator of what is happening on a deeper level in the body. We are still testing or monitoring muscles, but in a different way and with entirely different results.

Specialized Kinesiology is based on the belief that the body stores all information, like a computer. Much of this information is subconscious – we often react to things without really having any idea why we feel the way we do. This information can be accessed if the right question is asked and, simultaneously, the right muscle monitor is done.  The body always knows what’s wrong and usually knows how to fix it – we just need to listen.

Once the body is in balance, any new thing (food, supplement, chemical, person, etc.) that is introduced into the system will have one of two effects: either it will support the healthy vibration of the cells, allowing the muscle being tested to keep its’ integrity or it disrupts the energy pattern causing a muscle change.

Using kinesiology, a health practitioner can help you figure out what foods and supplements are best for your body, how and when to take them, and what progress is being made.  You can identify areas of deep emotional stress and change the way they affect your body, and you can improve physical health. Kinesiology focuses on the body as a whole, rather then a list of symptoms.  It works to integrate the physical, mental, and emotional bodies into a unified whole.

Ask yourself: what goals am I having trouble reaching?  What could I do if my body was running at 100%?


Touch For Health Kinesiology can help you:

  • find where the body is holding stress

  • identify foods that are throwing you out of balance

  • reduce pain while increasing mobility and strength

  • remove the stress from your goals, making them easier to achieve

  • discover the emotional triggers at work in your life

  • become fitter, calmer, happier 

In Touch for Health, we focus on the whole person and assist in the achievement of better health by balancing the vital energies and improving harmony in lives. We help people in becoming aware of the holistic nature of their Being and its effects upon their health. 


We believe that the body is always attempting to reach homeostatis and balance on its own and if we can assist the body by using natural and non-invasive techniques, then it is one of the safest and most beneficial ways to improve our Wellness and general health.

Importantly, we do not diagnose or treat disease and we refer all serious and life-threatening issues to qualified healthcare professionals.


Touch for Health has been safely used since 1973 in over 100 countries of the world and the Touch for Health book has been translated into a dozen languages.

We concentrate on preventive health, elimination or repatterning the effects of stress and trauma, and on helping the person focus on a healthy future while balancing the flow of the vital energies that are known traditionally as Qi, Chi and Prana.


With the Manual Muscle Test (MMT), as used in Touch for Health, the goal of the test is to determine whether or not a muscle can lock, rather than being a strength or range-of-motion test. There are many stressors that can affect the locking capability of muscles so the MMT becomes an effective monitor of the effects of stress upon the body.

Yoga Practice
Physical therapy on leg
Yoga Class for all Ages
Reflexology Therapy
Natural Medicine

 "combining all the best natural medicine for balanced health"

Back Massage

In Touch for Health we use 42 muscles as biofeedback to determine which stimuli stress the body and its associated organs and how that stress can be decreased. The practitioner also locates and corrects reactive muscles responsible for acute and long term chronic pain. When balanced, the body has better muscle symmetry, heals faster and overall health and happiness is achieved. Kinesiology has been called the art and science of muscle testing or muscle monitoring. The practitioner looks at the whole person in terms of their structure (physical, mental,emotional, biochemical & nutrition). The practitioner uses knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics, and nutrition as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts to ensure the whole person is balanced.

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)? By using Acupuncture theory and the Traditional Chinese 5 Element model, TFH practitioners work with the body's nuerovascular system to help the reprogram the way that the physiological body reacts stress response. Stress taxes our immune system causing illnesses such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure, stomach problems, adrenal fatigue and more. If these symptoms persist they can become serious over time.

The Raynor method of massage is one of the world’s most cutting edge and advanced systems of massage and bodywork. It draws knowledge from Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage, Hawaiian medicine, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage. 
Raynor Massage has an emphasis on the interconnectedness of the body using “bands of tension” that exist throughout the human body. 
We look at healing the body, mind and spirit as a whole and see the interconnectedness of a person’s physical well being, emotional health and alignment with their spiritual purpose in life. Raynor Massage is one of the world’s most advanced systems of massage and bodywork which is taught in a simple and easy to understand way.


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