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Your Personalized In-Person or Online Health Coach








To Fit Your Unique Body, Mind  & Life Story

If you’ve ever felt that you can’t “fit in” to Yoga or fitness for whatever reason, it’s not you who should be fitting yoga or fitness– your wellness practice should be fitting you!

The most useful mindfulness tools are the ones that are custom-crafted to bring ease, calm & freedom to your unique wonderful self.

I co-create a completely different program with each unique lovely person who has private yoga & fitness sessions with me. Some are active, restorative, gentle and meditative. Some are therapeutic. Some involve no movement at all, while a few are active & lively. Many have come to me to lose weight, develop body strength, stress and anxiety, muscle balance, gain flexibility, find inner peace or as a stepping stone towards joining a community class. These practices are tailored to each individual person’s priorities, and to their body, constitution, and life challenges.

This is yoga & fitness the way it was meant to be shared.


You and I will together in person, via Skype, Face Time, Facebook video or in person to craft a personalized practice for you that suits your body, lifestyle, available time and energy levels, based on your priorities and well-being goals.








Five Online Yoga Sessions

$250, with monthly installment plan available

  • 5  private sessions via Skype or in person (to be used within 6 months).

  • Mini-consult via Skype, phone or email before your first session to determine your unique needs and priorities for your practice.

  • The first session is 60 minutes to custom build your personal practice and allow time for you to explore the techniques thoroughly, with guidance. The remaining 4 sessions are of 1 hour duration. Total package investment is $200 (and a pay-by-installments plan is also available).


Why Five Sessions?

Over the years I’ve discovered this to be the minimum number to for us to work together to thoroughly build a sustainable, completely customized home practice.

Anything really worth doing takes time.

In your first session which is a little longer, we establish baselines for breathing, range of movement, and often make discoveries that go beyond our initial phone chat.

Following this first session, I design a customized practice for you that might use a range of Yoga techniques based on your priorities, lifestyle, time to practice and tastes.

We collaborate together over the next few sessions to explore and refine this practice thoroughly. There are often foundational elements of breathing and healthy posture to be worked on during these next few sessions.

The last couple of sessions fine-tune and consolidate your practice so that you feel confident about how to use the techniques in an ongoing way. (Or if you choose to continue with another round of sessions, you’ll feel confident that you’ve taken the time to thoroughly integrate your first practice).

This package also includes ongoing email, text or Facebook message support for your practice over the duration of the 5 sessions (I usually reply within 24 hours over weekdays or for longer, more in-depth requests, I aim to respond within a week).

Would you prefer to have a “get-to-know-each-other” chat first, before investing in this package, with no obligation? That can be arranged, just let me know on your registration form.

Single 60 minute sessions are $65.


Do you have some questions about the sessions or like to book a free consultation? Please send me a message
















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